Will a Smart Lock Void Your Home Insurance? What You Need to Know

Will a Smart Lock Void Your Home Insurance? What You Need to Know - LuckyLock


In today's digitally-driven world, smart locks have become an integral part of modern home security systems. These innovative devices offer convenience and enhanced protection for your property. However, many homeowners are left wondering if installing a smart lock could potentially void their home insurance policies. We've gathered information from various insurance companies to clarify this issue and provide valuable insights for Lucky Lock customers.

QBE: A Green Light for Smart Locks

QBE, a reputable insurance provider, takes a progressive stance when it comes to smart locks. They have no qualms about homeowners installing smart locks, and such an addition won't affect your insurance coverage. For QBE, embracing smart lock technology is a positive step toward reinforcing home security.

QBE response to Smart Lock

Allianz: Pragmatic Approval

Allianz, another industry leader, offers a pragmatic perspective on smart locks. According to their policy guidelines, electronic or smart locks are deemed acceptable in most cases, provided the total contents sum insured remains below $350,000. Additionally, specified contents or listed portable contents insured should not exceed $50,000 for an individual item or in total. Allianz acknowledges the value of modern security solutions when responsibly integrated into your home.

Honey: Insurance Friendly Smart Locks

Honey, an influential smart insurance provider, puts homeowners at ease by asserting that having a smart lock will not void your insurance policy. This assurance from Honey reiterates the compatibility of smart locks with home insurance, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology without compromising your coverage.

GIO: Premium Properties, Stricter Requirements

For homeowners with premium properties, GIO's insurance guidelines outline specific requirements. If your building's insurance value exceeds $2,000,000, GIO mandates the installation of deadlocks or deadbolts on all external doors, including sliding or French doors. In addition, monitored back-to-base smoke detectors become a requirement. For properties valued over $3,000,000, the above measures are expected, along with a monitored back-to-base alarm system. While GIO doesn't explicitly mention smart locks, these guidelines suggest a need for heightened security measures in high-value properties.

In this article, GIO mentioned: "If you’re a homeowner looking to improve your home security and ease of guest access, and minimise the risk of potential home insurance claims, then smart lock technology may be the ideal solution." and "The reduced risk of theft means you may be less likely to make a claim. And if you ever do need to claim, smart lock features like activity feeds and tamper alarms can help provide supporting evidence."

GIO response to smart lock

AAMI: Smart Locks Welcome

AAMI, a prominent Australian insurer, offers straightforward reassurance to homeowners with smart locks. They confirm that their policies have no exclusions that would void your coverage if you have a smart lock fitted. AAMI's position is clear: your choice to incorporate a smart lock aligns with their policy.

NRMA: No Red Flags for Smart Locks

NRMA, a well-established insurance provider, doesn't have specific policies or statements regarding smart locks. However, their general stance indicates that the presence of a smart lock is unlikely to void your insurance coverage. NRMA's approach mirrors that of many insurers, emphasizing that smart locks are a practical addition to your home security system.


In summary, the consensus among insurance companies is that smart locks are generally compatible with home insurance. Most insurers, including those highlighted in this article, encourage homeowners to embrace modern security technology, as long as certain conditions and coverage limits are met. If ever unsure, check with your provider to get more details.

For Lucky Lock customers, this information underscores the potential harmony between your smart lock and your home insurance. While the presence of a smart lock can enhance your security, remember that it's just one piece of the security puzzle. Combining it with other measures such as effective lighting, alarm systems, and robust doors and windows will provide comprehensive protection for your property. With this holistic approach, your smart lock can seamlessly integrate with your existing security measures, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind without compromising your home insurance coverage.