Our Story

Live a happier life, one touch at a time

Here at Lucky Lock, we make your life easier by solving a very simple problem--the need to carry keys all the time. In the morning, you will have the confidence to walk out of the door with confidence, without worrying about leaving keys behind. When you get home, you can get in with one touch and have more time and mind space to do things you love--spend time with families, work on your hobby side projects, or simply enjoy some peaceful time after a busy day.

How it started

While many of us upgrade our mobile phones every few years, many of our locks stays the same as decades ago. Before creating Lucky Lock, our founder Stella Xu, spent years working in deep tech, collaborating with scientists and engineers to turn science fiction into reality. While pondering what small changes can make a big difference in life, she realised that all the technology (biometric, IoT, mechatronics etc.) is ready to create lock products so that people can free up their mind space worrying about keys.

Build smart locks for Australian doors

While more and more people are making a switch to smart locks, the majority of the smart locks are not built for Australian doors, making it harder to install, and later on swapping out to products with better features in the future. With the mission to build smart locks suited for Australian doors, Stella started working with Norm, a seasoned locksmith, inventor and cancer survivor, as well as a group of locksmiths from all over Australia to develop smart lock products tailored for the Australian market. We collect feedback from experts before we launch every single product, so you can have peace in mind that these products are the best fit for your door.

Fighting Alzheimer's with every upgrade

By choosing Lucky Lock, you are not just getting a smart, secure, and stylish product, you are also supporting our mission to combat Alzheimer's. For every product we deliver to you, we make a donation to Alzheimer's research institutions to make our cherished memories last longer.