At Lucky Lock, we're all about providing you with quality smart locks that guarantee your security and convenience. That's why we offer you extended warranty coverage compared to the industry average, ensuring your peace of mind.

Here's what our warranty includes:

  1. Electronic Parts Warranty: Enjoy a solid 2-year warranty on all electronic parts of our smart locks. This covers the electronic components responsible for keyless entry, mobile control, and other amazing features. Should any electronic glitches or defects pop up (which we hope won't happen), we'll be there to fix or replace the affected parts at no cost during the warranty period.

  2. Mechanical Parts Warranty: We've got your back for an impressive 3-year warranty on all mechanical parts of our smart locks. This takes care of the physical components responsible for the lock's mechanism and overall smooth operation. If any mechanical parts start acting up or decide to go on strike, don't worry! We'll repair or replace them, within the warranty period.

  3. Three Year Replace with New Cover: Some customers want absolute reassurance, and we hear you! With an additional Three Year Replace with New Cover, we will replace your smart lock with a brand new one if it ever becomes faulty. 

How to Make a Warranty Claim:

If you happen to come across any issues covered by our warranty, here's how you can initiate a warranty claim:

  1. Reach Out to Our Customer Support: Our friendly Customer Support team is just a phone call or email away. They're always ready to assist you with the warranty claim process and address any concerns or questions you might have. We're here to help!

  2. Share the Necessary Information: To process your warranty claim smoothly, keep your proof of purchase handy. Our Customer Support representative may ask for some additional details about the issue to assess the warranty eligibility. Just a little heads-up!

  3. Repair or Replacement Magic: Once your warranty claim gets the green light, we'll swing into action. We'll promptly arrange for the repair or replacement of the affected parts. We understand how important it is to have a fully functioning lock, so we'll work diligently to minimize any inconveniences along the way.

Now, it's important to note that our warranty covers manufacturing defects and regular usage under the recommended conditions. It doesn't extend to , accidental damages, or negligence. 

What isn't covered?

  • Damages caused by improper installation, unauthorised¬†modifications
  • Environmental factors outside of¬†our control such as excessive moisture, heat and cold that cause damage or impair function to the product;
  • Damage caused by improper use (such as damage caused by pets), cleaning, maintenance, treatment, or otherwise caused by your acts or omissions;
  • Normal wear and tears;
  • Products used for commercial purposes;
  • Any products sold as seconds, returns or similar, or where the defect has been drawn to the customer‚Äôs attention when it was purchased;
  • Any consequential or incidental damage.

Safety and Warnings

  • We recommend that you have professional technicians install your locks.
  • We recommend that you change your passcodes regularly.
  • Do not use a lock in an outdoor environment that can be exposed to extreme weather.
  • Do not use water or chemicals to clean your lock. Avoid liquid spills.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble the lock by yourself for electronic safety reasons.
  • Always check that your door is securely locked.
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries.
  • The warranty will not cover long exposure to strong heat, rain, dampness, humidity, corrosion, rusting, unauthorised modifications, unauthorised repairs and any other damage caused by external forces.