Lucky Lock Fingerprint Smart Lock Ease L1 [Pre-order] - LuckyLock
Fingerprint Smart Lock Ease L1
Fingerprint Smart Lock Ease L1
Lucky Lock Fingerprint Smart Lock Ease L1 - LuckyLock
Lucky Lock Fingerprint Smart Lock Ease L1 - LuckyLock
Lucky Lock Fingerprint Smart Lock Ease L1 - LuckyLock
Lucky Lock Fingerprint Smart Lock Ease L1 - LuckyLock
Fingerprint Smart Lock Ease L1

Fingerprint Smart Lock Ease L1

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Lucky Lock's smart lever lock Ease L1. This compact and sleek smart lock is a perfect lock to retrofit your current 60/70mm backset.

We offer FREE delivery across Australia.

For the major cities, you can expect orders to arrive within a week.

Do you live in Sydney? We may be able to organize the next-day delivery for you. Email us at to make it happen!

We're confident you'll love it, but if you're not 100% satisfied, we offer a 90-days worry free trial.

Our team can help organize the installation for you! Most installations are done within a week of time.

Note that the installation fee included in the package only covers simple installation (no drilling) on a standard door. Additional cost may occur for more complicated jobs.

A Lock for Modern Living


Your fingerprint is your key -- open your door with just one touch.


Set personalized passcodes for yourself, and family members.

Contactless tag

Simply tap the contactless tag on the lock to unlock the door.

Mobile App

Use our intuitive mobile app to unlock the door when you come home.

Mechanical Keys

2x mechanical keys as well as USB-c charging ports as backup plans.

Dynamic Pin

Expecting a visitor while you're out? Share a 5-minute dynamic pin for easy access.

Plan B

Mechanical Key override & Micro-USB backup power.


Choose our lock installation services for peace of mind, wherever you are in Australia.


2-year electronic parts warranty

3-year mechanical parts warranty

Contactless Tag - LuckyLock
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Retro-fit made easy

Replace your existing lever lock or door knob in 15 minutes with a screw driver. Check out installation video guide under our help center. Not handy? No worries, we can also help you with the installation.

Ultra-long Battery Life

With regular use, the battery typically lasts 8 months to 1 year. You'll receive a low battery warning to remind you to replace it in time. In the event of a flat battery, you can unlock your door using emergency power from a power bank (USB to USB-C) or with your backup keys.

How to get a Lucky Lock

1. Order online

Order online, and wait for your lock to arrive. If you are unsure whether our product fits your door, share a photo and we will let you know.

2. Install your lock

When your lock arrives, you have the option to either DIY for a simple retro-fit or we can recommend a friendly locksmith to handle it for you.

3. Set up your app

Set up the mobile app. Register your fingerprints, unique password, and tags. Enjoy the freedom immediately!

Common Questions and Answers

Many customers love DIY, and we understand it! However, when it comes to an important piece like your door lock, even some experienced handymen can get it wrong. We recommend working with a professional locksmith if you are not comfortable with installing the lock yourself. We can recommend you a well-rated partner if you reach out to us via

For day-to-day use, a lock itself should be sufficient.

With unique fingerprints and passcodes, everyone in the family can easily enter without the hassle of a physical key.

When it comes to temporary guests, you don't have to worry about getting a remote package. You can simply generate a one-time dynamic passcode for them that is valid for a limited time. These passcodes are created using a clever algorithm that doesn't rely on an internet connection.

A remote package can be really useful in certain scenarios. Here are a few situations where it comes in handy:

  1. If you wish to unlock your door from anywhere using a mobile app, a remote package is what you need. It allows you to conveniently unlock the door even when you're not at home.
  2. If you want to stay updated with the real-time status of your door, a remote package is the way to go. You'll receive notifications whenever someone enters your home or if the door has been successfully locked.

If you decide to go with a remote package, make sure that you put the internet gate near the door where WiFi signal is strong (3-5 meters). You will need reliable internet connection to benefit from the product.

The lock will remind you when the battery runs low both from the voice assistant within the lock and from the app.

If the batteries do run out, there are two plan Bs:

1. USB port: you can power the lock with a USB to USB-C cable from your charger/ laptop/ power bank. Note that the USB-C to USB-C cable is currently not supported.

2. Backup keys: every lock comes with 2 backup keys. We recommend keeping one in your car or with someone you trust.

Not for the entry doors, but you may consult a locksmith for internal door installation, especially with rental units.

Australia has strict fire regulations to protect us. Most of the apartment entry doors also serve as fire doors. This is why few smart locks can be installed in apartments.

Lucky Lock may launch a product that can be used in apartments. You can reach out to us via to win a chance to be a trial user or sign up for more updates in the future.


Touch D1

Door Thickness

Designed for Australian doors with a thickness of 35-45 mm


High-Quality Metal Finish: The durable and long-lasting metal finish adds a touch of sophistication to your home's entrance.


60/70 mm

Door Handing

Reversible (Left and Right)


Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (internet gate required)

Unlocking Methods

Choose from 5 convenient unlocking methods – advanced fingerprint, contactless tag, passcode, app, or mechanical key – to ensure secure access tailored to the needs of every family member.

Fingerprint Capacity

Store up to 50 fingerprints for easy access by family members and trusted friends.


Over 100 passcodes can be set, along with unlimited dynamic passcodes for added security.

Contactless Tags

The lock supports over 100 contactless tags, making entry quick and easy.

Remote Access
Yes with internet gate purchase.

Power Supply
Powered by 4 x AA batteries, which provide around 1 year of battery life.

Safe Working Temperature

Reliable and functional in temperatures ranging from -20Β°C to 60Β°C.

2 kg

Backup Mechanical Key

USB Backup Power

Keypad Backlight



2 years of warranty over the electronic parts (vs. 1 year for many
other locks) and 3 years of warranty over the mechanical parts.

With an extra 3 years Replace with New cover, you will get a brand
new lock replacement if the lock becomes faulty in the first 3 years.


Fully compliant with Australian Electrical Regulatory (RCM) standards.

  • Interior Assembly
  • Exterior Assembly
  • Latchbolt + Strike
  • Backup Keys x 2
  • Contctless Tags x 2
  • User Guide
  • Drill Template

Still haven't found what you're searching for? Visit our Help Center.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great product and customer service

They patiently explained the installation guide and actively solve any issue happened. The price is reasonable and affordable.

Excellent product for OZ local

This lock is a perfect match for the Australian standard lock system and door. I was a bit worried about the installation because I wasn't sure if the size would fit. I didn't want to drill a new hole, just planned to replace the old lock. In the end, it fit perfectly! The lock works smoothly, better than anything I've bought from overseas. Plus, the price beats any brand sold in electronics or hardware stores! Highly recommend: Lucky Lock!

Karl Mee
Easy installation and set up

The instructions seemed very clear and precise. I removed and existing door handle and didn't have to drill out a new hole, it fits exactly where the old one was, I didn't have to change the strike plate either as it was basically the same size as the one already fitted. The best feature for me is the auto locking feature, at least I know if somehow my electric garage door is open that the entrance door leading into the house is locked. If you're doing the installation for yourself, make sure that the square shank thing is in the correct orientation or else it won't lock, the instructions state this but I had mine not quite in the correct orientation a d had to pull it back off to fix it

5 stars

This user has not left detailed comment

5 stars

This user has not left detailed comment